Azerbaijani blogger revealed foreign real estate other state officials

During the devaluation of the manat in 2015, the population of Azerbaijan suffered serious financial losses, but the wealth of the family of the head of the Central Bank, Elman Rustamov, increased several times after that. Blogger Javanshir Hasanly, who lives in political emigration in Europe, writes about this on his Facebook page.

He publishes numerous documents testifying to the “fantastic growth” of a young couple, Gunel Rustamova and her husband, Juma Ahmedzade.

The latter is the son of Ahmed Ahmedzade, the head of Melioration and Water Management OJSC. And Rustamova is the daughter of the head of the National Bank.

A couple Rustamova – Ahmedzadeh has lived in London for a long time and owns a number of companies. In particular, Gunel Limited was registered on April 28, 2005 in London and received the license number 5438890. (Registration address: Basement 32 Woodstock Grove, London, Uk, W12 8LE).

According to the financial documents of the company, in 2008 her wealth was less than 10 thousand pounds sterling. In 2014, the state of the company was already 1 million 102 789 pounds, and in the year of devaluation of the manat this figure doubled, reaching 2 million 232 787 sterling.

In 2017, the company already had £ 4,494,541 in the company’s accounts.

In the year of devaluation, the couple purchased an apartment at Princes Gate 69-70 in the prestigious district of London. In this area, the cost of a three-room apartment starts from 3.5 million pounds.

Besides Gunel Limited, Juma Ahmedzade also had Globally LTD. It was registered and licensed under the number 07875402 December 8, 2012. The company was selling branded goods. On March 25, 2014, it was closed.

Another company – ALPS s.r.o. the spouses registered in August 2007 in Prague.

Since October 2012 she has been engaged in real estate. The company initially was engaged in mediation in the provision of services and trade. In 2013, the couple acquired a hotel in the Czech Republic near Lipno Lake.

On May 11, 2014, J. Ahmedzade signed an agreement with the Czech Defense Ministry on the acquisition of a building belonging to this department. The transaction value was about 7 million dollars.

The Czech website “Hospodarske Novny” in a publication dated March 26, 2018 represents the new owner of the building, Juma Ahmedzade, as the owner of a hotel chain in Azerbaijan, the UK and other countries.

It was indicated that even the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, participated in the opening of one of the Ahmedzade hotels in the Zagatala district.

After purchasing the former building of the Czech Armed Forces, Ahmedzade demolished it, planning to build a large hotel complex with an area of ​​4255 square meters and 140 rooms.

On April 17, 2017 Rustamova – Ahmedzade registered in the Czech Republic another company Lipno Investment s.r.o.

The company received the right to buy and sell real estate, trade, provide services, and since June 2018 to sell alcoholic beverages.

The co-founder of this company is Elchin Kazymov, who has been living in the Czech Republic for 10 years. Previously, he worked at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, but now manages the business of the Rustamov family in the Czech Republic.

So far, the head of the CBA and his family members have not responded to this publication.

The agency Turan is ready to provide an opportunity to all stated in the publication to express their position.

Earlier, Javanshir Hasanly published sensational materials about multimillion-dollar real estate abroad, the ex-minister of ecology Huseyngulu Bagirov and a number of other state officials. He does not disclose the source of his materials.

Source: IA TURAN