Alexander Budberg

Alexander Budberg is a Russian journalist, political observer of the newspaper «Moscow Komsomolets», a member of the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR).

Alexander Budberg: “Azerbaijan is the most important country for Russia in the region. I am absolutely convinced that Azerbaijan is the key country for this region”.

Alexander Budberg: “Armenia unconditionally needs to  return the occupied regions to Azerbaijan. Since there are no moral or other rights for Armenia in these 7 regions”.


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Diploma of the winner of the international competition
Diploma of the winner of the international competition
Alexander Budberg is awarded with the Diploma of the winner of the international competition for the best publicistic work about the life and political activity of Heydar Aliyev, organized by the Council on State Support of Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The diploma was awarded for the article “A Man Who Was Not Afraid”, in which Alexander Budberg presented his vision of a large-scale historical personality from a politico-legal and historical-legal point of view as a citizen of Russia.


Alexander Budberg is a diplomatist of the international contest dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev. Fuad Akhundov, the head of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan, who had a speech at the event, noted the article of A. Budberg “A man who was not afraid”. F. Akhundov said that the author of the material, being at that time in intensive care unit, happily had accepted the news that he could take part in the contest for writing material about H.Aliyev. “A.Budberg and I were constantly corresponding, this is one of the best publicists in Russia, “F. Akhundov said. He also noted that A. Budberg considers Azerbaijan his second homeland.



“Big friend” of the Azerbaijani people Alexander Budberg once again defamed the name of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”

The scandal over the fake «interview» of President Serzh Sargsyan that he allegedly gave to the “journalist” of the newspaper «Moscow Komsomolets» within the framework of «Days of the Russian Word» broke out yesterday and received a corresponding response in the Armenian President’s Administration. In an official refutation of this article it is said that it is nothing but the source of a sick imagination of a “journalist”, and causes only outrage and misunderstanding. >>

«Komsomol» Budberg and Azerbaijani Fruits

According to the Azerbaijani press, Mr. Budberg was an assistant (on a voluntary basis) of General Lev Rokhlin, the State Duma deputy, then known for his critical speeches. It was Rokhlin who presented a report in the State Duma on «secret supplies of arms from Russia to Armenia worth $ 1 billion». This unscientific fiction was diligently replicated: A. Budberg was the first to put the text of report in the «Moscow Komsomolets». Representatives of the special  and intelligence services of the Defense Army of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic at that time expressed conviction that falsified data on alleged supplies of “$1 billion” (“1 million refugees”, “20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan”, “silver cigarette case and a leather jacket – 3 pieces”, is seems like that, isn’t it?) were fabricated in Baku and thrown to the truth-seeker general by the help of Budberg, the agent of the special services of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In September 1996, L. Rokhlin, A. Budberg and several journalists visited Baku.

In September of 1996, L. Rokhlin, A. Budberg and several journalists visited Baku. According to the story of one of the participants of the trip (his data are known to the editorial staff, as well as the data of two people whom this journalist told about the trip upon his return to Moscow), A. Budberg was always disappearing somewhere and going somewhere with the members of the Azeri special services, he was also bringing and carrying away some boxes. At the meetings, lunches and dinners there were high-ranking officers of the special services and the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. One day the dinner was held with the participation of Safar Abiyev, the Defense Minister of Azerbaijan. However, in the middle of the feast he got information about the riots in Yerevan (there were re-elections of L. Ter-Petrosyan, which ended with a clash of the police with the opposition and with the introduction of troops into Yerevan) and bowed with words that, it was said,  there is a military coup in Armenia and he was summoned “upstairs”, to Heydar.

At parting, the members of the delegation were tried to hand boxes with salmon, caviar and cognac, but Rokhlin reasonably refused for the whole delegation: it was said that gifts could only be taken in Russia (and, indeed, they took it in Dagestan!). However, the same participant of the trip upon his arrival in Moscow, said, that there was a polite call from the Azerbaijani embassy and the same boxes, which diplomatic courier delivered from Baku to Moscow, were kindly brought directly to the house. Noone knows what there was in the boxes except salmon and caviar. It is said that in Soviet times, in such “greetings from Baku” among the fruits, caviar and salmon, officials found also a bundle of money: it’s already uncomfortable to return (what if you suddenly ‘light up’’ and it will be misinterpreted?), and it will be stupid not to take it (it can’t be thrown into the garbage, can it?)…

Is everything clear to you about Mr. Alexander Budberg now?

But then, maybe you do not understand why this is not clear, for example, to Mr. Pavel Gusev, and the editor-in-chief of the «Moscow Komsomolets» and concurrently to the Chairman of the Moscow Journalists Union. Apparently, Mr. Gusev does not consider Mr. Budberg’s publication a provocative one.

According to the journalist of the «Moscow Komsomolets» (the editorial staff disposes of her name), with whom one of the friends and regular authors of our newspaper spoke soon after the terrorist act and the publication of the article with the dirty hint of Budberg, publications of the latter go around the editor of the relevant profile department of the editorial office.

We do not doubt that the provocation of the special services of the AR failed to achieve its goals: the Kremlin and Russian special services know perfectly well about the partnership of Islamic terrorists with state terrorists from Baku. As it is known Basayev began his “career” with his wolf pack from the fighting on the side of the Azerbaijani army against the Armenian people of Nagorno-Karabakh. By the way, side by side with the Afghan mujahideen, who, like the Basayev bandits, tucked their tails, fled from Karabakh with the help of official Baku, moved to Russian region of Chechnya.

We also have no doubt that the Azeri special services themselves will choke on their fecal fabrications, which we wish to Moscow owners of Mr. «Komsomol» Budberg and their high-ranking owners in Baku.

There is another surprising thing: how calmly the cherishing Moscow «journalistic community» behaves towards the paid shares of the Azerbaijani special services, who in their dirty political purposes staged a real dance on the still not cooled corpses of people, Russians, Muscovites who died in the terrorist attack on February 6 …