Alexander Dugin

Russian public figure, philosopher, political scientist, leader of the “International Eurasian Movement”, member of the Armenian-Russian club “Griboyedov”.

Alexander Dugin: “If the matter is  Russia-Azerbaijan rapprochement, we should not consider this as an anti-Armenian step simply because Armenia is not in a position to dictate its regional policy to Russia.” Source:

Alexander Dugin: “Armenia simply has no other choice, either Armenia will be Eurasian, or it will not exist at all. But exactly in what rhythm, in what dynamics, how and when will this happen, I find it difficult to say, as the integration of Armenia can take less time or even more time. It depends on many circumstances. Every pro-Armenian person must be Eurasian, there can not be another option.” Source:





Dugin: “If Armenia turns to the West in this difficult period for Russia, it will be wiped off the face of the earth”

“The Eurasian Economic Union is like a Noah’s Ark, who sits in this ark continues to exist, who does not, will be wiped from the earth”, despite the continuing deep economic crisis in Russia and even the viewpoints of Russian experts that the programs of the Eurasian Economic Union have taken some pause, and the single market does not work. This opinion was expressed by Alexander Dugin, political scientist, the leader of the International Eurasian Movement known for his nationalist views, in an interview with “”.

According to Dugin, the current economic crisis in Russia is not directly related to Russia. According to him, the whole world faced a global financial crisis, since all states depend on the USA-created financial and economic system.

“Once it all ends, but before that, the economies of all countries are affected by the domino effect, for example, China, India, Brazil want to get out of this American-centric system: it just will not work: Russia, China and other BRICS countries are integrated into this system, created by the Americans, and which can take with itself an economy of the whole world.

Against the backdrop of such global events, to say that the financial system of the Eurasian Economic Union is not working well, these are trifles, since the Russian stock market itself is very small in comparison with these scales, it is small even compared with the developing Pacific countries.” said Dugin.

Then A.Dugin added: “Russia is trying to create a system that, against the backdrop of the global economic crisis, will try to protect the economic situation of the Eurasian countries, what is happening in front of us today. The economy of Armenia in comparison with the Russian economy is insignificant, having no significance, and mainly depends on the Russian economy. Russia itself is not economically great, but it has nuclear weapons, natural resources, a large territory and other important things, which, however, are meaningless in a financial sense.”

According to the political scientist, if Russia manages to get out of this situation, Armenia will get out of it too. According to him, however, it will not be easy, “and if in such a difficult situation for Russia Armenia will try to get support from the West, it will explode, and nothing will remain from Armenia. The West does not need Armenia. The only thing that it can achieve is control over the Karabakh conflict in order to attack his geopolitical adversary – Russia. Now Armenia should hold on tightly to Russia and monitor calmly the financial and economic situation that has arisen. Of course, Russia can overcome these economic problems with great difficulties, but this is a period of trials, and the Armenian people together with the Russian people, with joint forces will try to overcome the crisis and get back on their feet. “

The interlocutor of “” noted that, sitting in a boat full of trials, all countries will understand that they are saved. “Noah’s Ark was not very comfortable, full of difficulties, but the one who carried it was simply wiped off the face of the earth. The only alternative to destruction is the Eurasian Economic Union: becoming its members one will be saved, and in the opposite case you will be cursed and economically destroyed,” he concluded.