Guram Markhulia

Doctor of History, associate professor of Sukhumi State University

Guram Marhulia: “The territory of Krasnodar is the historical territory of Georgia”

Guram Marhulia: “Armenia is a cancerous part on the body of the South Caucasus and it must be removed. At one time, this tumor was excised in another region, and after a while this tumor appeared on our native lands – in the South Caucasus. ”
Guram Marhulia: “Armenians have always betrayed us. This people can not be re-educated, betrayed, treacherous in their blood. ”
Guram Marhulia: “There are no Armenian churches in Georgia, Armenians have appropriated Georgian churches and give them out for their own. Armenians are heretics, no one heretics would allow building any churches in Georgia. The Georgian people fought, died in battles, the lands were emptied, and Armenians were immediately sent there. So instead of the destroyed Georgian churches “Armenian” appeared. ”

Guram Marhulia: “Today’s geopolitical situation is such that Armenia will certainly lose Karabakh and this corner will return to its true masters – Azerbaijanis.”

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Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on awarding Guram Marhuliy for his services in the development of the Azerbaijani diaspora.
For merits in the field of strengthening friendship between nations and the development of the Azerbaijani diaspora, rewarding Guram Ratunovich Marhulia with the Tereggi medal

Guram Marhuliy was awarded the diploma of the Honorary Doctor of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan for his services in the development of scientific relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan.


Guram Marhulia made a demand to liquidate Armenia

Georgian historian Guram Marhulia made a demand to liquidate Armenia. This is not a sensation, because such statements the Georgian Armenian-No. 1 does regularly. This time, he called Georgia’s southern neighbor a “cancer tumor,” which must be removed. Colleagues have become accustomed to not responding to the angry statements of the scientist. But, as our correspondent found out, this historian is generally a very unrestrained person who can communicate with calmly, apparently, only representatives of the Azerbaijani media.

Georgian expert: “Political Armenian bluff pursues only one goal”

Participating in the Baku conference “Caucasian House and Armenians”, Georgian historians and experts wanted to make their contribution to bringing the truth about the so-called “Armenian genocide”, which they celebrate on April 24, and to the destructive “national idea” of world Armenians. This was stated in an interview with Trend by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Sukhumi State University Guram Marhulia.

At the end of last week, a conference was held in Tbilisi that brought together some iconic Armenophobes and fighters with “aggressive separatism.” They, as usual, branded Armenians, Abkhazians and Ossetians. And there would not be anything out of the ordinary if the organizer and the ideological mastermind of Guram Marhulia were not dismissed by the results of the conference.