Ivo Vajgl

Member of the European Parliament from Slovenia, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia.

Ivo Vajgl: “Armenia is violating international law and has to withdraw its troops from Nagorno-Karabakh. Unfortunately enough, Armenia is supported by Russia who has its troops stationed in this country. Both Armenia and Russia are behaving in an unacceptable way and are destabilizing the situation in the entire region.”

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Ivo Vajgl: “Azerbaijan is a secular state where all religions treat each other with respect. These are the values ​​that Europe propagates, and they are preserved in Azerbaijan. In addition, Nagorno-Karabakh region of the country is occupied. The continuation of the conflict is unacceptable for already so many years. Today Azerbaijan needs our support and help. We must establish contacts with young people, entrepreneurs of this country. Today, Azerbaijan has achieved many successes, which are of interest to us. In addition, I know that there are many refugees and IDPs in your country, I met with them. I remember that during one of our visits to Azerbaijan we visited a small town for refugees in Agdam, where displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh who were forced to leave their native home. We saw a bitter fate, the tragedy of these people.”

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Ivo Vajgl: “Armenia occupied Azerbaijani lands with the help of Russia”

Member of Foreign Relations Committee at the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl visited Aghdam region within his visit to Azerbaijan.

Тhe guest visited IDP school number 18 and was interested in the school’s condition and education level.

Answering the questions of journalists Ivo Vajgl stated that entire world knew that Armenia occupied Azerbaijan’s lands: The people who settled to this settlement as well as are living here as IDPs, must return to their homes. It is not a problem of IDPs, it is a problem of all of us and humanity”.

The guest said that he didn’t consider the activity of OSCE Minsk Group satisfactory: “All OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs all professional. The issue must be discussed in wide framework. I think that the European Union must closely participate in the solution of this problem. All of us know that the settlement of this conflict is a very complex issue. However by the active participation of all the interested sides, it is possible to acquire the positive conclusion.”

He considers that the US and Russia should more actively engage in this issue: “Because Armenia occupied Azerbaijani lands with the help of Russia and don’t want to liberate those territories”.

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Европарламентарии подозреваются в получении подарков от Азербайджана

The European Parliament’s ethics committee is probing a group of  9 MPs who are suspected of accepting favours from Azerbaijan during an electoral observation mission there in October last year.

A number of authoritative European agencies write that Kriistina Ojuland (Estonia), Jacek Wlosowicz (Poland), Slavi Binev (Bulgaria), Jiri Mastalka (Czech Republic), Ivo Weigl (Slovenia), Alexandra Thein (Germany), Hannu Takkula (Finland), Oleg Valzalo (Croatia) and Nick Griffin (Great Britain) – deputies of the European Parliament, who went to Baku as election observers in October last year. However, some of them “forgot” to tell Parliament that they had been invited by the Azeri government and did not declare the trip on their website, as required by the Assembly’s new code of conduct. According to this conduct, adopted last July, any invitation to a football game, show or trip must be mentioned on the lawmaker’s website if its price exceeds €150.

It is noteworthy that one of the suspected deputies – Kriistina Ojuland, is also a member of the committee on interparliamentary cooperation of the European Union-Armenia, regular meeting of which took place recently in Strasbourg. For the first time such a meeting ended without a joint statement. According to the Armenian deputies, this was due to the hard and unfavorable formulations of the European parliamentarians on the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh for Armenia.

The European Parliament intends to consider the issue of the aforementioned deputies and, if necessary, apply sanctions to them. The special committee of the European Parliament is also concerned about whether Azerbaijan paid the parliamentarians who visited this country for their services.

Interestingly, after their visit, European MPs rated the elections in Azerbaijan as free and fair, in fact, contradicting the OSCE report, which registered serious problems, in particular, in the field of freedom of speech and assembly.

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