How Bundestag's deputy has received several thousand euros from Azerbaijan embassy

Michael Fuchs, Bundestag deputy from the conservative party Christian Democratic Union (CDU) indicated in the list of the additional revenues that in 2012 he received a fee in the amount of 3500 up to 7000 euros from the Azerbaijani embassy for the report in the Diplomatic Academy of Baku, reports Claudia von Salza for a German edition ”Tagesspiegel”.

According to ””, the deputy claims, that the purpose of the visit was to develop and intensify the political dialogue between Germany and Azerbaijan. According to the edition the embassy of Azerbaijan not only paid a fee to the deputy, but also compensated for his travel expenses.

”A year later after the ”Eurovision” in Baku, Azerbaijan once again fell out of the attention of the European public. However, behind the curtains, the representatives of the regime are massively engaged in lobbying the interests of the country which is controlled by authoritarian President Ilham Aliyev. Over years a lot of attempts have been made to influence the Council of Europe’s policy to the benefits of Azerbaijan. In Germany the regime is also trying to attract to their side”, the author writes.

The German edition notes that Baku willingly invites deputies at its own expense. According to the report by the ”European Stability Initiative” called ”Caviar Diplomacy”, Azerbaijan each year invites 30-40 deputies of  Council of Europe and showers them with gifts.”

The author writes that Martin Linder, deputy of Bundestag from FDP, in April travelled to Baku, met with the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and representatives of the government, as well as presented a report at the Higher School of Petroleum.

According to the edition, he ”wanted to get information about the possibilities of diversification of energy supply in Germany with the help of gas supplies from Azerbaijan”. However, unlike his colleagues, he travelled at the expense of Bundestag, and not at the expense of the host country, though they offered him to pay for the trip.

However, the regime used his visit as a political tool. The media quoted Linder that Azerbaijan is a democratic and civilized country, which greatly appreciates the European values”, the author notes.

The newspaper recalls that in Germany it is not fixed the upper limit of the value of gifts to MPs. Germany has not ratified the UN Convention against corruption and has not established clear-cut laws against bribery of deputies, and the consolidation of the relevant bills are not regularly delayed.