Pino Arlacchi

A member of the European Parliament, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Pino Arlacchi: “We told the truth and refused to support the misconception about Azerbaijan.”


Pino Arlacchi: “On the day of voting, there was no pressure on the voters. There were no police officers at polling stations, as prescribed by election legislation.”

Pino Arlacchi: “On election day, we observed a free, fair and transparent election process. The fact that a large number of local and international observers observed the voting process is worthy of approval.”


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A deputy of the European Parliament is accused of taking bribes from the Azerbaijani authorities

The Azerbaijani authorities framed the Italian MP. There will be closed discussions on the presidential elections in Azerbaijan in the European Parliament today. According to, the head of the European Parliament’s observation mission for elections in Azerbaijan Pino Arlacchi and the head of the observation mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Tana de Zulueta were invited to explain the situation to the European Parliament.

The latest elections in Azerbaijan swept like a tsunami in the leading circles in Brussels, putting the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in a difficult position, which monitors electoral processes in countries outside of Europe, the newspaper notes. Let us note that earlier Pino Arlacci called the presidential elections in Azerbaijan “free, fair and transparent.”

However, the “official” OSCE / ODIHR delegation led by Tana de Sulueta published a diametrically opposite report emphasizing serious falsifications and typical actions of the regime, which for several years is under the sights of global organizations, since it systematically violates human rights and basic civil rights.

Pino Arlacchi put the reputation of the European Parliament under attack and, in this part he should explain to the European parliamentarians why he gave such a report about the elections in Azerbaijan. If it is confirmed that Arlacci was bribed by the Azerbaijani authorities, he should resign.

Mystery of European MP in connection with Azerbaijan put Italy in a funny position

Armenian information-analytical agency cites the article of journalist and writer Filippo Facci, published in the Italian newspaper Libero Quotidiano, with some abbreviations:

We fell prostrate before China during the Olympic Games and, in order not to offend him, refused to accept the Dalai Lama. We sympathized with Erdogan’s Turkey, who winked at Iran and denied the Armenian Genocide. We flirted with Putin’s Russia and played down the war in Chechnya. We accepted Gaddafi and his circus, but after the coup were infringed upon the division of Libyan oil. We even managed to pay tribute to the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko, isolated from the world, but not from us.

In short, for the sake of business, we put ourselves in a funny position. Only the last masterpiece was missing: European MP Pino Arlacchi called the democracy of Azerbaijan “free, fair and transparent”  – the very one that, according to international observers, corresponds to a regime based on violations of the most elementary civil rights.

Answering the questions of the stunned European Parliament, Arlacchi said that he wanted to protect Italian interests: Azerbaijan is packed with oil. Moral: The outcry of Arlacchi put us in a funny position, but, above all, it was superfluous: the relations between Italy and Azerbaijan were already excellent and were fixed by Enrico Letta’s visit to the Azerbaijani state on August 11: another “left” prime minister who does not create problems for himself . This concerns foreign policy. It is followed by domestic policy.

Pianos Arlacchi, a member of the Parliament, praising the elections in Azerbaijan, returned to the scene in the worst way

The scandal surrounding the activities of the representative of Italy in the European Parliament – deputy Pino Arlacci, who headed the unofficial delegation of the EP in the presidential elections in Azerbaijan – continues to flare up in the Italian media. P. Arlacci, who has been in the resting mode for a long time, once again appeared on the stage, and did it in the worst way,” Giancarlo Mazzuca, editor of Il Giorno (The Day), writes in the blog of the publication “”.

A reader from Milan asked the opinion of the editor J. Mazzuk, who last year interviewed Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, regarding P. Arlacci’s statement that the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan were allegedly “free, fair and transparent”.

Giancarlo Mazzuka replied: “P. Arlacci, who was in the resting mode for a long time, returned to the scene again, and did it the worst way. The same thing happened in Azerbaijan,  as last spring in Kazakhstan. You know how it happened: to protect our economic (now – oil) interests in Astana, we allowed to extradite the spouse of the Kazakh dissident to Kazakhstan. In this case, we have closed our eyes to black gold in order to preserve our already secured agreements. Always the same thing happens. We are always ready to leave aside the problems associated with human rights when it comes to the economy. Moreover, in the past we opened our doors to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who denies the Armenian Genocide. Every time we sound the alarm and turn everything into a scandal, but every time we repeat our mistakes exactly”.

Earlier, along with European Voice, BBC and other influential world media, the Italian electronic publication Panorama ( published an extensive article dedicated to the activities of Pino Arlacchi. The translation of the material without abbreviations and changes can be read by the following link. Pino Arlacchi who praised the elections in Azerbaijan put the reputation of the European Parliament under attack.

The European Parliament continues to investigate the presidential elections in Azerbaijan

Today, a closed meeting will be held in the European Parliament on the presidential elections in Azerbaijan. This is written by with reference to the publication “The European Voice”.

According to the information, the head of the observation mission of the European Parliament Pino Arlacchi will be summoned to the closed session, who will be demanded to explain “for the positive assessment of the presidential elections in Azerbaijan”. The Commission for External Relations of the European Parliament is trying to find out the sharp dissonance that exists in the reports of the observation missions from the European Parliament and from the OSCE / ODIHR.

It Is recalled that the observation mission of the European Parliament headed by the Italian Pino Arlacci called the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan “fair and democratic’. Unlike the European Parliament, the OSCE / ODIHR observers actually questioned the legitimacy of the elections.

The report of the OSCE / ODIHR observation mission was also supported by the US Department of State, which aroused sharp criticism of official Baku.

“The European Voice” writes that Pino Arlacchi and the head of the OSCE / ODIHR observation mission Tana de Zulueta are invited to a closed meeting of the European Parliament. Pino Arlacchi will have to answer a number of difficult questions, and in particular, explain why the two observation missions prepared completely different reports.