Brenda Shaffer's answer to the question about SOCAR

“There is a privacy law in America” Shaffer said, when was asked if she is connected with SOCAR?

Brenda Shaffer, a professor of the University of Haifa in Israel, who is engaged in the propaganda of Azerbaijan in the American media, was asked why she does not reveal her relations with the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Brenda Shaffer sharply reacted to this question.

This happened on October 23 when discussing the energy policy of Europe at Columbia University in the United States.

The question was asked by a graduate of the university, journalist Casey Michael. Brenda Shaffer replied that “there is a privacy law in America.”

“What do you think, Casey, can I ask you a question, what is your wife’s name, in what school do you study, where do you work and the cholesterol level in your blood?” she asked.

The question of Michael was connected with a note by the editor of the New York Times, published on September 9. The article said that Brenda Shaffer’s article on Nagorno-Karabakh does not indicate that she is an adviser to SOCAR.