Department of Berlin University promotes Azerbaijan for money

The German edition of Die Zeit told about the Department of history and culture of Azerbaijan of the faculty of History of The Humboldt University of Berlin. The head of department is Professor Eva-Maria Auch.

“The department is factually engaged in “science” that is based on frauds and promotes Azerbaijan, directly being funded by the Azerbaijani embassy in Germany”,- the German edition writes, and notes that only professor Auch receives 75 thousand euros salary per year.

Furthermore, according to Die Zeit, the Azerbaijani government finances the seminars, scientific conferences and other events conducted by the department.

The author of the article is wondering how could one of the most respected universities in Germany borrow money from the corrupt authorities of the country where a dictatorship rules.

The publication suggests that the Azerbaijani authorities are not interested in science itself, but rather in promotion of their interests.

It is noted that the abovementioned Department was opened in the autumn of 2010 by the agreement of the Azerbaijani government and will operate till autumn 2015. However, it is possible that Baku will extend the contract and will continue funding this department.

Die Zeit reports that Eva-Maria Auch was born in 1956 in the GDR. She studied in Baku. Since 1985 she teaches at various universities in Germany. In 1999, Western University of Baku awarded her an honorary doctorate.