Avigdor Eskin

Israeli political scientist, publicist and public figure.

Avigdor Eskin: “Armenians hatred towards Jews is discribed by an elementary envy”

Avigdor Eskin: “The majority of our delegation is critical to Armenia because of its policy towards Nagorno-Karabakh.” Source: vesti.az

Avigdor Eskin: “Yes, indeed, we were shown a mass grave, where in 2007, there were found remains of over 600 people. The horror is that people were killed with blunt objects, so there are a lot of remains with broken skulls. Looking at the mass grave I could not get rid of the impression that a similar tragedy occurred with the Azerbaijani people and after 74 years in Khojaly. “


Avigdor Eskin: “An attempt by some unscrupulous propagandists to shift responsibility for the Jewish pogroms of 1918 to Azerbaijanis reminds us of the notorious attempts to rewrite history in recent years.” Source: vesti.az

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A group of Armenian hackers Ananun published a new correspondence of Azerbaijani journalists engaged in anti-Armenian propaganda and falsification on the website “Vs.ananun.am”. This time the turn came to the journalist of news agency “Vesti.az” Bahram Batyev, whose working correspondence concerning Armenian subjects became public and widely discussed in the network.

A notable moment was cooperation with representatives of the Azerbaijani community of Israel, who positioned themselves in the media as independent and neutral experts. For example, the network contains letters from Avigdor Eskin, who offers his services to the Azerbaijan, as well as subsequent reports for fees.

It is also interesting that in the correspondence experts Arie Gut, Lev Spivak and Mikhail Agaronov openly admit that they are the Azerbaijani Diaspora of Israel: “The high estimation of our diaspora work was reflected in the article of the famous Azerbaijani journalist Akper Hasanov.”

Anyway the editor-in-chief of the Israeli newspaper “Novosti Nedeli” Peter Lukimson chides an Azerbaijani falsifier for distorting his interview about “the threats of the Armenian lobby”.

The other interesting fact is the correspondence with the well-known Armenian-philosopher Guram Marhulia, who asks to call himself Aliyev, recognizes the desire to learn the Azerbaijani language in order to “make it pleasant to the brothers”, and also hints at tight financial conditions.

The network also received correspondence with the organizer of the failed festivals of Azerbaijani cinema in Armenia, Georgi Vanyan. Bahram Batyev and Rizvan Huseynov promise Vanyan to come to his event in Georgia.

His services are “voiced by the wishes of the Azerbaijani side” and offers an expert Oleg Kuznetsov, whose hints to pay for his services Batyev are rejected, and as a result he has to be satisfied with the “thankful audience” of his anti-Armenian interviews on Vesti.az.

Another interesting point is the cooperation of the Ukrainian resource “Khvilya” with Azerbaijani propagandists. For example, the anonymous complaints of the teacher from the Krasnodar region to his Armenian colleague Varvara Markaryan, as well as the revelations of retired military Stanislav Razdobreev, whose interview was also “corrected”, and then completely removed from the site “Vesti.az”. It is noteworthy that in personal correspondence the Russian military “drains” Batyev uncomfortable questions of Armenian journalists and admits that he lied to the Armenians. Finally, we can note the proposal of actor Joseph Harry to sit with Bahram in Tbilisi in private with a glass of Armenian cognac.

Source: novostink.ru